Server Rules

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Dec 30, 2018
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Adhering to the rules set out below will ensure a great gaming experience on the server. Just a few things to note:
  • If you are currently banned and unsure about the circumstances, please contact the staff on Discord.
  • NoobGamers will not contact any users who have been banned.
  • By not adhering to the rules outlined here, administrative actions will be taken against you, to the extend of being banned from NoobGamers entirely (including IP ban)
  • Do not hesitate to contact staff for any queries or technical issues.

General Server rules:

  • Respect each other on the server
  • No advertising or mentioning of other servers (chat or anywhere else)
  • Do not pretend to be staff. This will result in a warning or ban
  • Chat:
    • No racism, cursing, or spamming in any chat. In-game chat can be seen in Discord and vice versa
    • No ALL CAPS talking
    • No posting of unapproved links (chat or anywhere else in-game)
    • Don’t complain about server lag in chat. Contact staff in Discord
    • ALL messages are stored for record purposes.
  • Attempts to create a strain on the server by means of complicated machines should be limited/avoided at all costs. All machines to be switched off upon logging off. Not adhering to this will result in one warning and ban afterwards
  • Sharing of accounts is not allowed. Contact staff for permission
  • No begging for specific items.
  • Absolutely no griefing. Use of in-game land claim tools/Teams at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for a rogue teammate
  • No offensive builds, names or skins.
  • No death traps or places where other players will incur death
  • Maximum of 15 of each animal type per person.

Client-side mod rules:

  • No fly, jump, climbing, x-ray, speed, mob radars, cave mods, or any hack-related mods on the client-side allowed. Automatic ban
  • Specific automatic bans are in place for these mods if detected
  • Using any unapproved mod will result in an automatic ban.
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