The Island: Rules


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Dec 30, 2018
Kent uk
1. No glitching/cheating. Anyone found doing this will be banned.

2. The Island Building restrictions. No blocking/building near: caves that have artefacts/loot drops, beaver dams, ice bergs

-Only two bases with defences allowed per server. (this includes main bases, water pens, dino pens and underwater).... You chose how you use your two "bases". More than two with defences will result in being tribe wiped.

-Dont spam structures anywhere! If there has been spam, then the admin will decide how to handle it. You have been warned. Dont do it

-No building bases bigger than the render distance as these cause massive amounts of lag for the server. This rule will be enforced by means of destroytribestructures.

-No claiming/blocking areas by placing random foundations/pillars etc. -Building on Tames: You are not allowed to build below the platform apart from ramps on one side ONLY! If anyone builds against this guide then the tame will be killed. No exceptions to these. If in doubt, check with admin first because if you dont, you can be damn sure they wont tell you if you have breached the rules. You will just get tribe wiped

3. Cluster Rules -This server is part of the six server NoobsGamers Cluster. You must have the same tribename across the cluster. If you choose to play on the other servers you must use the same survivor by traveling. You are not permitted to play on NoobsGamers with more than one survivor. This includes multiple accounts. If you a caught, you will be banned. If you accidently log into a different server from the one you logged out of then you should exit the server immediately without creating a new character.
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